President’s Message

In the 1930s, in pre-independence Pakistan, during the times of my grandfather, a simple
matriculate – a person who had completed 10 years of formal education – was considered the
minimum academically qualified person to be part of and potentially thrive in the global world
order. With this level of education, one could trade with the British, the British companies in
India, or throughout the British Empire; one could easily fill out the requisite government forms;
import and export various goods; easily get a passport and travel the world; legally emigrate; get
various types of licenses to do businesses; or get reasonable, respectable jobs, both in the
private or the government sectors. In short, such a level of education afforded reasonable
opportunities through which one could escape the poverty trap and could live a life of respect,
financial and intellectual growth for themselves and most likely for their children. During such
times, if one had a University degree, one could really play their game at a much higher level in
the food chain.

In 2018, a 4-year undergraduate degree is considered the new matriculate. It is that minimum
requirement which gives one similar access to the global world system like a matriculate did in
the 1930s. One is eligible to apply for most jobs, both medium and high paying in many
countries of the world; one can legally emigrate to many high income countries; and at least
theoretically, one has the minimum acceptable skills to communicate, trade, fill out most forms,
apply for licenses, etc. in the new global world order. Without such a qualification; and I can say
that with quite a bit of confidence, at least for people living in Pakistan, it is quite certain that one
is not able to, baring a few extraordinary exceptions, escape the vicious trap of poverty; and in
all likelihood, one’s children may suffer through the same, unfortunately. In short, and although
not a panacea for all issues, a bachelor’s degree is now the new matriculate qualification to be
part of this new globalized world order.

At the Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), which is a teaching
excellence focused, degree awarding institution of higher learning, we make sure that when you
graduate, you are individually and carefully polished, and a globally competitive person with
plenty of job and entrepreneurial options at your disposable. For the classes of 2017 and 2018,
our job placement ratio was 100% within 3-months of graduation with an average starting salary
of PKR 45,000 per month, and with the maximum being around PKR 70,000 per month. This is
by far the clearest and the most undisputed indicator of the quality and hard work that we put
into each one of our graduates and the associated market recognition of our graduates’

Therefore, I welcome you to KITE and encourage you to join the revolution!