Hackers’ Hostel

KITE provides accommodation at subsidized rates for a limited number of students in The Hacker’s Hostel. Students will have access to a multitude of services; 24/7 internet connectivity, indoor sports facilities, including badminton, table tennis and foosball as well as a cafeteria. The environment is safe and conducive to good learning with like-minded peers and friends. Auditoriums are available for weekend movie nights and occasional trips will be organized to ensure our students, especially those from out of town, experience Karachi at its best!

The hostel rooms are designed to ensure each student has his own space, to ensure privacy while at the same time, encourage teamwork and networking. Students will find they are comfortable and at ease, while also saving plenty of time and money that they would otherwise have spent while commuting. Our hostel facilities are currently only available for boys. Students who need accommodation can submit an application. All applications will be judged on a case by case basis.

Our hostel charges do not include cost of any food or meal charges.

Boarding Costs (per semester): Rs. 10,000/-