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Faculty Name Title Qualification
Architect Sameeta Ahmed Head of Department and Associate Professor Master of Architecture (University of Texas at Austin)
Bachelor of Art (Brandeis University , Boston)
Architect Shoaib Arif Associate Professor Master of Architecture (University of Texas at Austin)
Bachelor of Art (Brandeis University , Boston)
Architect Shabnam Nigar Assistant Professor Master of Urban Design (N.E.D. University), Bachelor of Architecture (N.E.D University)
Architect Suhail Ishaq Lecturer (Adjunct) Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), NCA
Architect Sikandar Hayat Khan – Assistant Professor (Adjunct) Bachelor of Architecture (NCA)
Architect Samiullah Khokhar Lecturer (Adjunct) Masters of Science in Sustainable Architecture & Landscape Design (POLITECNICO DI MILANO, PIACENZA, ITALY), Bachelors in Architecture (Mehran UET)
Architect Tabish Tariq Lecturer (Adjunct) Master of Architecture (NED), Bachelor of Architecture (NED)
Architect Faran Lodhi Lecturer (Adjunct) M.A. in Design Studies (Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, UK), Bachelor of Architecture (NCA)
Ms. Rabia Tahmina Assistant Professor (Adjunct) MSc. Human
Physiology (UoK), B.F.A Painting (IVSAA), B.Sc. (Hons), B.A.
Ms. Quratulain Choudhry  Lecturer (Adjunct)  Bachelors in Fine Art (Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture)
Tahira Hamid Ali Lecturer M.S. in Design Marketing and Merchandising (Iqra University)

Bachelors in BTD (Hons.) in Textile Designing (AIFD campus, Iqra University)

Anam Irfan Lecturer Bachelors in Communication Design, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
Faculty Name Title Qualification
Afaque Riaz Ahmed Assistant Professor MBA (McGill), BSc Electrical Eng (University of Texas at Austin)
Areeb Qureshi Lecturer BBA, MBA candidate
Taimur Shaique
Lecturer MBA (LUMS), BA
Economics (UPenn)
Amber Aziz Human Resources MBA (Iqra), B.Com
Gohar Anwar Digital Finance B.Sc. (Hons) Economics (LUMS)
Moez Allidina Lecturer MSc in International Business (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Certificate in Human Resources Management (University of Alberta, Canada)
Hamid Ali Lecturer MBA (KSBL), BBA (Sukkur IBA)
Arif Ashraf Ali Lecturer PhD candidate (Uok),Joint Masters-Marketing with Management (Middlesex University, London), MBA (Hamdard University)
Rabia Sabri Lecturer Master in Business Administration in Finance and Accounting, (PIMSAT) M.S. in Banking and Finance (PAF-KIET), thesis pending
B.Com (DA Degree College for Women)
Muhammad Uzair Ali Lecturer MPhil Candidate (IoBM), MBA Finance (IoBM)
Faculty Name Title Qualification
Dr. Ehsan Rehman Assistant Professor PhD and M.S. (National U Singapore), B.S.
Aamir Azam Jan Lecturer BS Mathematics with Computer Science (The University of North Carolina, USA)
Rashid K. Thahim Lecturer B.S. Computer Engineering(Ohio State University), MBA (Pakistan Institute of Management)
Zain Ul Abedin Khan Lab Assistant Masters in Science candidate (SSUET), B.E (Hamdard University)
Syed Waqar Lecturer MS(CS)- (MAJU), BCS (UoK)
Fawad Qureshi Lecturer B.Sc (Purdue University, Indiana, USA)
Nadeem Qamar Lecturer Masters in Computer Science(FAST), BE (Sir Syed University)
Faculty Name Title Qualification
Dr. Husnain Inayat Hussain Assistant Professor PhD and M.S. Vibrations and Acoustics (INSA de Lyon), B.E. Mechanical Eng (NED)
Irfan H. Dawood Assistant Professor M.S. and B.S. Mechanical Engineering (University of Texas at Austin)
Abdul Rahman Rafiq Assistant Professor M.S. Physics (U California Riverside), B.S. Physics (U California Santa Barbara)
M. Hasan Shariq HoD (acting) Mechatronics Department (on study leave) PhD Mechanical & Aerospace (University of Strathclyde, UK) – On-going

MSc Mechatronics (Newcastle University), BEng Mechanical Engineering (Heriot-Watt University)

Ali Akbar Lecturer MBA (SZABIST), Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering (SZABIST)
Dr. Khurram Rahman Assistant Professor PhD Mechanical Engineering (University of Southern California), MS Mechanical Engineering (University of Southern California), BS Engineering (Princeton University)
Zubair Ahmed Lecturer B.E. Mechanical Engineering (MUET), F.Sc.- Pre-Engineering (Workers welfare college Kotri)
Fahad Mairaj Lecturer Masters of Engineering Candidate (NED), BE-Mechatronics Engineering (SZABIST)
Mustafa Pasha Lecturer Master of Engineering in Computer Aided Engineering (University of Southern California – USA), B.S. Mechanical Engineering (GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology – Pakistan)
Raheel Hussain Lecturer MS. Project Management (Szabist), BE. Mechatronics (Szabist)
Faculty Name Title Qualification
Dr. Saqib Khan Assistant Professor PhD Islamic Studies (UoK), M.Ed., B.Ed., M.A., B.A. (Hons)
Fatima Khan Senior Lecturer M.A. War Studies (Kings College London),
B.A. (Hons) Journalism
Khawer Ikram Ullah Government
Relations Expert
M.A. International Relations (UoK)
Iqra Nasim Lecturer MPhil candidate, English (Iqra University)
MA, English Literature (University of Karachi)
BA (Hons.), English (University of Karachi)
Farid Bin Masood Lecturer B.S. Sociology (University of Karachi)
Syed Waliullah Hussaini Lecturer BSc (Hons.) Political Science (LUMS)

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A graduate of The University of North Carolina, USA, Aamir has a total of thirty years of work experience in the development and management of technology in Pakistan. He has developed software with over twenty programming languages, from vintage COBOL and Fortran on IBM mainframes to modern Java and Swift on Android and Apple smartphones. His professional and research interests are in engineering of secure and scalable cloud/mobile applications. Aamir thinks that core computer science is a foundation of modern education.

Abdul Baqi has completed his Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree from Mehran University of Science and Technology Jamshoro. He is currently working with Space Design Karachi as Architect since and has also worked at Shahzad Associate as Trainee Architect.
His areas of expertise include Planning, Execution, Sketching and Interior Designing.
He is serving as visiting faculty member at Surhad University(Karachi campus) and at Technical colleges (NASC Polly Technical College, & Ivotec Polly Technical College)


Abdulrahman Rafiq runs Inspurate – a web and graphic design company catering to entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals by providing tools to effectively execute their online business strategy – from Web Development and Design services to Digital Media.

Prior to Inspurate Abdulrahman was at fortune 500 Cisco Systems where he managed the engineering communication and collaboration strategy for the Signal Integrity model validation and qualification initiative for the Catalyst 6500 product line in ISBU.

Additionally, Abdulrahman has held senior executive Product Management roles at several web and mobile startups in Silicon Valley; those ranging from a Community Portal called “Wadiwallah”, an online tutoring platform for Standardized Testing called “Seeking Genius”, a mobile commerce platform in the food & hospitality space, to a social/mobile photo-sharing platform.
His interests cover a broad range of topics ranging from the evolution of the Internet, mobile technology, renewable energy sources and technologies to harness, Social Entrepreneurship, and building globally networked grassroots Entrepreneurial communities.
Abdulrahman also services as an Adjunct Faculty the Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), Habib University. Prior he has taught at U.C. Riverside and SCU San Bernardino.
Abdulrahman has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics from the U.C. Santa Barbara and U.C. Riverside respectively.


Afaque Riaz Ahmed is founder and chairperson of The Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship.
Before coming to Pakistan to explore new entrepreneurial opportunities and reunite with family, Afaque occupied several senior engineering and sales roles in the United States and Canada. In September 2003, he founded Fonebooth Networks, Inc, a telecommunications company based in Silicon Valley. The philosophy and business model for this venture eventually became the basis for a similar enterprise, the Breezecom Group of Companies, a company based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia with a subsidiary in Karachi, Pakistan. In 2011, Afaque’s passion for science and education drove him to establish the Robotics Labs, an interactive platform designed to inculcate a love for science in young Pakistanis. This became the founding philosophy of Afaque’s first not-for-profit endeavour, KITE.
In his spare time, Afaque listens to old, ghazals and qawwalis, watches movies and organizes parties for friends and family.
Afaque holds an MBA from McGill University, Montreal, Canada and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A. He has also completed various professional development courses and programs at Stanford University and University of California-San Diego.

Anam has completed her Bachelors in Communication Design from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.
She had an experience to work as illustrator at Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Films as a part of an enthusiastic animation team. She also worked as Graphic Designer at TRG then she worked as an Animator at ArtBoard Creative Consultants (ArtBoard is a design consultancy that connects clients with freelancers). She was a Creative Lead at JVenture Pvt. (Digital Studio). Anam is skilled at Vector Art, Photography, UI/UX Design and 2D Animation.

Arif Ashraf Ali did his Joint Masters from Middlesex University, London in Marketing and Management with Distinction and Merits and MBA in Marketing from Hamdard University, Karachi with 3.99 CGPA and won two gold medals. Currently he is associated with KITE as an adjunct faculty member. He worked in Iqra University as lecturer, Assistant Professor in FAST and Adjunct Professor in CBM, Szabist and Iqra University. His research interest revolve around Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. Nowadays he is working on his PhD thesis.


Dr. Ehsan Rehman is professor and Head of Department, School of Computing at KITE.
Ehsan started his career in 2001 as a Software Test Engineer at Microsoft in Seattle. Here, he was involved in testing and debugging Windows XP before its release. He has also worked at The Resource Group as a data analyst.
Ehsan’s research interests include probability, statistics, planning and data analysis. He has taught both foundation and advanced courses in Mathematics and Computer Science including Java, Discrete Mathematics and Analysis of Algorithms at the National University of Singapore. His thesis, titled “Bounded Uncertainty Roadmaps,” provides a novel solution to establish, under imperfect information about the environment, a path for the robot that guides the robot from start to goal while minimizing the expected number of collisions.
Aside from delivering lectures, Ehsan can be found on the badminton court at KITE, engrossed in a game with one of his students or sipping tea in the cafeteria. In his spare time, he likes playing chess, badminton and table tennis. Ehsan also enjoys doing mathematics as a hobby and watching English movies as well as National Geographic documentaries.
Ehsan has a Ph.d in Robot Motion Planning from the National University of Singapore, a Master’s in Computer Science from NUS and a Bachelor’s in Computer Systems and Engineering from GIKI.

By profession, Faiza Naeem is an educator (lecturer) and also work on interior design projects as a freelancer with Middle East market. She has a Master’s degree in Interior Design from Florence Design Academy, Italy. As an artist she enjoys visually integrating the interior with the exterior where possible; principally reflecting my client’s needs, personality, individual style and existing architecture. Final results appear as if they have been naturally evolved, complementing the home and allowing the client to add their own pieces, adding that personal touch.
But as a Design Educator; she is not only responsible for inspiring creativity and preparing students for a career, but also facilitates as a counselor and disciplinarian at the same time. Over the course of her career, my professional life has come full circle. She has worked with Multi National firms like Kalamkaar furniture Showroom, Z Mario Franchise (Italian Kitchens) and Studio D Art by Z Mario Italian Kitchen, Habitt (A Complete Home Store), Sam Abass Design Studio in Pakistan, as an intern with Archea Association Italy. After 4 years of practice, she decided to switch gears and move to teaching. She quotes, “I’ve always responded to challenges. The thing about teaching is that it’s never boring,”


Fatima Khan has an undergraduate degree in journalism from Beaconhouse National University and a masters in War Studies from Kings College London. Her keen interest in the liberal arts has provided her with a passion to teach English and Political Science at the university.

She has briefly worked as a sub-editor for Express Tribune and has taught in various O-level institutes after her undergraduate. However, her heart was always focused on academics which convinced her to follow her passion for teaching university students. Her love for teaching is mirrored by her keen interest in her students and working with their strength and weaknesses to bring out the best in them. Her education also equips her with current affairs and history pivotal to foster a well-educated mind.
Fatima’s research interests lie in the field of conflict and peace-keeping. She has done dissertations on the ethnic conflict in Karachi and the coverage of rape victims by local newspapers.

Fawad Qureshi is a visiting faculty at KITE. He is Graduated from Purdue University with a B.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Science/Computer Science in 2003. He has 14+ years of experience working in the software industry in both large multinationals and small startups. Has recruited, trained, mentored and led multiple software development teams for startups in Karachi.

fazliFarid Bin Masood pursued his major in sociology and minor in philosophy and psychology from the University of Karachi. He research interests include Modern Philosophy, Sociology of Religion and Social Change and Ethics and Axiology. He is currently teaching Political Science, Ethics and Justice at Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship and Philosophy of Education at Institute of Business Management. He also has teaching experience at Beaconhouse College and Quran Academy. He has currently enrolled as an MPhil Scholar in Sociology at University of Karachi.


Hamid Ali holds an MBA degree from Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) and a BBA degree from Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (Sukkur IBA). In addition to that, he has experience in corporate business development, devising channel strategy, designing and conducting market research, and development of marketing campaigns. He believes in experiential learning and encourages creativity.

Iqra Nasim graduated with MA in English Literature from the University of Karachi. She aspires to complete her Doctorate in the near future. Currently she is completing her Postgraduate research on English literature in South Asian states.

Iqra is a Lecturer at KITE, and has been teaching at some of the leading higher education institutions in Karachi at both graduate and undergraduate level. Apart from her teaching practice, Iqra has worked as an editor. She has also worked in various industry sectors such as Academia, Marketing, Trainer, Student advisor and Counselor. She has also been working as English language trainer for foreign delegates.


Jawwad Ahmed Farid is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (Chicago), an MBA from Columbia Business School (New York City) and a computer science graduate. During the last 20 years, he has worked as a consultant and advisor on risk and technology in North America, United Kingdom and Pakistan with a number of blue chip clients.
Jawwad’s expertise includes Investments, Product Development, Risk Models & the Financial Services Back Office. He is the author of three books on Commodity Markets (Understanding Commodities Risk), Risk Management (Risk Application and Frameworks) and Entrepreneurship (Reboot).
Jawwad has worked directly as a founder and advisor for multiple start ups including two green field life insurance companies, technology product businesses, risk and investment advisory businesses, product focused distribution as well as micro insurance, micro pensions and micro finance ventures.
He is an adjunct Faculty member at the SP Jain Global School of Management in Dubai and Singapore where he teaches courses on Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, ALM, Derivative Pricing and Project Finance.
In addition to being a PASHA CEC member and Treasurer, he has also served as a judge at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Macau, Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok & Brunei Darussalam, as well as at PASHA ICT Award from 2006 – 2012. He currently serves as a Member of the Oversight Board for the PASHA Social Innovation Fund.

Dr. Rahman completed his Doctor of Philosophy PhD from University of Southern California, USA in 1997 in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Fluid mechanics. He has a Master Of Science MS from University of Southern California, USA and completed his Bachelor of Science in Engineering BSE from Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

Dr. Rahman has worked as Senior Patent Scientist at Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP, Irvine, California, USA from November 1997 – March 2015. He has authored various research publications including in such prestigious journals as the Journal of Fluid Mechanics andhas had the honor of being elected to societies such as Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Honor Society, USA) and Phi Kappa Phi (All-University Honor Society, USA). He has also been a member of professional organizations such as the Los Angeles/Orange County Intellectual Property Law Association, USA and the Licensing Executives Society, USA.

His academic, research and professional interests are generally directed to the nexus between technology and law in areas such as the protection of intellectual property (particularly patent) rights, renewable and alternative energy science, legislation and policy, and environmental and climate related strategies.


Moez Allidina graduated with MSc in International Business from the University of Hertfordshire, UK and was awarded the Certificate in Human Resources Management from the University of Alberta, Canada. He aspires to complete his Doctorate in the near future.

Moez is a Lecturer at KITE School of Business, and has been teaching at some of the leading higher education institutions in Karachi at both graduate and undergraduate level. Apart from his teaching practice, Moez runs his own small-scale entrepreneurial venture focusing on Interior Design and Decoration, and works as a freelance corporate trainer. He has also worked in various industry sectors such as Academia, Banking, Government, Human Resources, Marketing and Retail.

With his commitment to learning, Moez has been helping students achieve their career objectives by providing academic and professional advice. He occasionally writes for two of Pakistan’s leading newspaper dailies: Dawn and The Express Tribune.


Muhammad Hasan Shariq is a UK graduate with MSc in Mechatronics and BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University and Heriot-Watt University, respectively.

Hasan Shariq has worked for over 3 years at Robotics Labs (pvt) Ltd, Karachi, as a Senior Manager and Instructor while implementing and promoting STEM Education in Pakistan. He has taught Engineering courses at various Universities in Karachi. Now he is a Senior Lecturer at KITE School of Engineering.

Shariq has profound experience and expertise in Robotics. His innovative projects have earned him numerous national and international awards. One of his most famous projects is a ‘Self-Transforming Mobile Robot’, a shape changing robot that overcomes different type of obstruction autonomously.

Mr. Uzair is a Business Consultant and facilitator at SME Development Authority. He has been associated with the organization for the last 12 years and gained diversified experience by virtue of having prepared business plans in different sectors such as Construction, Live Stock & Dairy, Textile, Education, Fisheries, and Food & Beverages etc. Prior to joining SMEDA.

He was associated with Pakistan State Oil for over 3 years as an Accounts Officer where he served in three main departments such as Financial Reporting, Product Accounts (Import & Pricing) and Card Department Finance. After joining SMEDA in 2006.

He has prepared a number of Financial Models and Pre-feasibility studies on potential business opportunities in Pakistan and has conducted Sector & Cluster studies to facilitate SMEs by identifying potential areas for investment. As a Senior Consultant, he got an opportunity to work on a variety of consulting assignments. The engagements mostly revolved around advising clients on entry strategy for operational expansion, opportunity identification, and outsourcing advisory.

He is MPhil Candidate and completed his MBA Finance from IoBM. Currently he is serving as visiting faculty member at KITE.

Mustafa Pasha is a mechanical engineer, who has specialized in computer aided engineering
from the University of Southern California. He is currently the CAE/PLM head at CAE
Consultants. He has been an assistant professor for the last eight years at various universities and
continues his lectureship through visiting positions. He is a former Dassault Systems application
engineer and has helped the company in developing CATIA and ENOVIA. He has fifteen years
of experience in the modeling and simulation of engineering applications in the industry and
academia with international clientele.
His research and experience is in the finite element analysis of:

Solid Mechanics (Linear and Non Linear), Fatigue, & Bio-Mechanics

Structural Dynamics (Modal, Harmonic, Transient, Spectrum, & Random Vibrations)

Turbo-Machinery (Rotor Dynamics)

Shock & Vibration Isolation

He offers professional training in:


-ANSYS (APDL & Workbench)


Nadeem Qamar is a visiting at KITE. He has done his Masters in Computer Science from FAST- National University and Bachelors of Engineering from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. Currently, He is also a teaching at Szabist. He has served as software developer on C# and web application at Knowledge based private Ltd. He was an instructor at APTECH World Wide. Further, he has teaching experience in various educational institutes which includes Baqai Medical University, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, FAST- NUCES and PAK-KIET.

Quratulain is a visiting faculty at KITE. She has completed her Bachelors in Fine Art form Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. She is working as professional and freelance Artist and also part time teaching at Rahnuma Schooling Project. For boosting her experience she has done internship at several places which includes R photography, Dawn, NuktaArt Magazine and SBP (Museum and Art Gallery Department).

Rabia SabriRabia is Professional in finance and accounting with deep passion in teaching all facets related to
finance; which includes practice and application of the fundamentals into corporate and cost-management accounting. She is teaching since year 2002 in different universities and college, also taught in Prince Sultan University Riyadh KSA and Yanbu University KSA. She has also worked as lecturer and taught Accounting and Finance course to traditional and non-traditional, undergraduate and graduate, day and night students. Helped many undergraduates develop discipline, goal-setting and time-management skills essential in landing positions that promise good compensation, improved management, and notable community standing. She produced detailed plan of work, course outlines, assessment methods, learning materials and other related activities that contribute to achieve an effective learning process. She is done with her Chartered Management Accountant from ICMAP. She has completed, MBA, Certified Management Accountancy (CMA) and she is a candidate of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 2. She is also working on MS Finance Thesis, course work completed.


Rabia Tahmina Ather is an adjunct faculty of School of Design at KITE.

By profession she is educationist & artist with strings of academic qualifications to her credit. She started her teaching career at “ Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture” as a faculty of Foundation Program. She has experience of teaching, drawing & painting to 2nd & 3rd years and to continued education programme.

She has also designed curriculum of Art & Wood-work for schools.
As an artist her expression, she regards as both a journey of discovery and a desire to share her perceptions. She has exhibited her work in several group & solo shows at leading art galleries, both nationally & internationally.
( V.M. Art Gallery, Canvas Gallery, Koel Gallery, Amin Gulgee gallery, Art Chowk gallery, IVS gallery, NAPA, Alliance Francaise, Alhamra, Ejaz, & Nomad Gallery, Saba Cultural Centre Iran, Southern Graphic conference New Orleans US, Sharjah University & in few other galleries of Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. She was accorded with Sadequain Award and several other honorable mentions.

Rabia has participated in various workshops of drawing, painting, ceramics, wood-work, paper making & traditional design principles, along with international artists. Recently in 2015 & 2016 she was selected/ invited for International Wool Sculpture residency at Madrid, Spain .
She attended Global Art Forum in Art Dubai & a workshop on “Threads of History” by cultural department of Abu Dhabi & Agha Khan Foundation at Emirates Palace .

She was also invited by “Bilgi University & Santral Istanbul ” to attend 10th Istanbul Art Biennial. Earlier she attended on invitation 1st & 2nd ”Conflict Transformation Program ” by WISCOMP (Women in Security Conflict Management & Peace) at Habitat Centre, New Delhi , patronized by the embassy of Finland .

She has travelled widely to study heritage & culture of major ancient sites of civilization, such as of Indus Valley, Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Turkish & Middle Eastern civilization.
In her free time she likes to paint, read literature & poetry, play table-tennis & rifle shooting and like to explore new places as a tourist. She is also a champion of Sind Rifle shooting.
Rabia has M.Sc. in Human Physiology from University of Karachi & B.FA. from “ Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture’’ (with distinction in thesis & overall )
earlier has done B.A. & B.Sc simultaneously, in History, English Literature, Islamic Studies, Human Physiology, Microbiology & Biochemistry.

Raheel Hussein has completed B.E. in Mechatronics and M.S. in Project Management. Possessing technical and managerial skills based on qualification and experience. Teaching Applied Electronics and conducting Physics Labs at KITE along with development of new lab based experiments. Serving at Robotics Labs as a Research and Development Executive. Formerly worked at Sapphire Apparel in their Product Development department and handling marketing and merchandising. Effectively leading and training the team about our products and services.

Rashid Thahim has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Ohio State University. He has worked at America Online Inc. as a Software Engineer. He also has corporate work experience in Pakistan at IBM Pakistan and at PARCO refinery. He has also been an entrepreneur and consultant and has completed projects in USA and Pakistan on document management system, Internet Applications including financial reporting and online careers app for corporations and Education Technology project at Government College of Technology(STEVTA). His research interests include Enterprise software, Business Intelligence, Internet Communities, Education Technology(edtech) and mobile computing. He has undertaken teaching assignments for MIS graduate level course at Szabist university and undergraduate programming course at KITE university.

Sameeta AhmedSameeta Ahmed is an Architect (M. Architecture, UT Austin) and Artist, as well as Coordinator
of Earth Water Network (www.earthwaternetwork.org ), which is working on a Climate Change
Awareness and Adaptation campaign in Pakistan. She has taught at the Architecture Departments of several universities in Pakistan, and worked in several regions of the country on projects related to development, cultural heritage conservation and environment. As an artist she has had her work exhibited at the NCA and Mohatta Palace Museum, and other galleries.


Saqib Muhammad Khan is teaching Islamic Studies as visiting faculty at KITE. He is Head of Admission and teaches Islamiyat at the Defence Authority Public School for O and A Levels. Saqib also works as a researcher on special projects for local television channel, ARY Digital Network.

Before this, he was Director for Research and Development at Spectrum Publishers.

Saqib has authored ‘Cambridge O Level Islamiyat’ published by Paramount Publishing Enterprise and ‘Glorious Lifestyle: A Book of Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)’ published by Spectrum Publishers. He has also published articles including ‘Economic Teachings Of Islam’ in the Monthly Minaret Magazine International.

In his free time, he likes to read books and write articles on religion.

Saqib has a Phd in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi, a Master’s in Education and a Bachelor in Education, also from the University of Karachi. He has also completed a Master and Bachelor of Arts (Honours), both in Islamic Studies with Computer Technology.

Ms. Tahira Hamid Ali, done MS in design marketing and merchandising, and Bachelor’s in Textile design and development( honor’s) from AIFD, Iqra University. She has a long teaching experience  related to textile design, print design and product development courses and taught marketing courses to media science, textile and fashion design. She started her teaching career at AIFD. She has worked as permanent faculty member at Indus University. She has worked at Gul Ahmed textiles mill in their home textile department, worked with Al-Zohaib textiles, Tawakkal
fabrics and with other brands. Working as freelance textile designer. Now teaching at KITE as a visiting faculty member.


Taimur finished High School with honors from Aitchison College, Lahore. He earned his BA (Economics) from the University of Pennsylvania (PENN), USA, and has a concentration in Multinational Management from the Wharton School. During his MBA program in 1995, Taimur received the “Syed Babar Ali Scholarship” and the National Management Foundation (NMF) Gold Medal for Best MBA Graduate at LUMS (the Lahore University of Management Sciences). He holds a certification in International Business from McGill University, Canada. Post high school, Taimur has been a scholarship student throughout his academic career. Apart from one-off consultancy work, he intends to deepen his teaching and research career, and his book, “Reflections” is being used as a text book in various institutions.

Taimur has a varied banking experience of 13 years with local, foreign, private, and public sector banks within Pakistan and abroad. He has worked for Habib Bank Limited (HBL); NIB; ABN-Amro Bank; and Habib Bank AG Zurich. Fond of music and an avid traveler, Taimur enjoys organizing events and parties for friends in his spare time.

Apart from Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), Taimur has also been a Visiting Scholar at the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), and the Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL). His teaching and research interests vary from Money and Banking; to Business Communication; to Methodologies in Marketing Research. He also has an interest in undergradaute and graduate school admissions’ counseling. He is settled in Karachi, with his wife and their three children.

ZubairAhmedZubair Ahmed is graduated from Mehran University in 2015, serving as permanent faculty member at Indus University since March 2015 in mechanical department and visiting faculty member at various institutes.

He has awarded scholarship master by research (MSc) at UTP (University of Technology Petronas, Malaysia) and he is interested in research field ”Clean and green energy and environment sustainability”. He has published his research articles in various international conferences and participated as a research scholar.