Q1. I don’t have good grades in my O or A Levels but I know I can do better now. Is there any way for me to get a provisional scholarship so I can prove myself?
Of course! Everyone makes mistakes but that is no reason to let your past dictate your future. Register for our Admission Test. If you ace it, you can get up to a 100% scholarship!

Q2. What programs is KITE currently offering? What schools are they under?
The Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE) is currently offering six programs; these include aBBA in Entrepreneurship under the School of Business, BSCS in Computer Science under the School of Computing,Bachelor of Design & Bachelor of Architecture under the School of Arts & Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering under the School of Engineering.

Q3. Are there any prerequisites for admission?
Applicants for the BBA, BSCS, BDes, BArch. Programs must have completed at least one of the following: (1) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) with minimum of 50% marks. (2)’A’ Levels with minimum of 3 passes in 3 principal subjects. No credit is applicable for any subsidiary, general or advanced supplementary paper(s). (3) American High School Diploma with minimum of CGPA 2.5 or an International Baccalaureate with at least 24 points out of 45.

Applicants for the BSME & BSEE Programs require Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) with minimum of 60% marks

In addition students should have successfully cleared the KITE Admissions Test. (Students securing more than 50% in the NTS-NAT or SAT may be exempt from taking the Admissions Test). Successfully completing the KITE Admissions Interview is also required.

Q4. How do I apply for admission to KITE? Can you send me an application form?
KITE’s admission process is fairly simple. Our registration forms will be available online at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. You need to register for the admission test by filling out this form.

Q5. Is the university research and industry friendly? 
The sponsors of KITE are committed towards education that is relevant to local needs. Faculty is encouraged to contribute to industry problems through innovative solutions via research and its application. KITE expects its faculty and students to be recognized as contributors to industry, and thus offer their consultancy services. This will promote the progress of our local industry and allow it to be globally competitive. KITE aims to become a center for applied research so that both our students and faculty can benefit and gain first-hand experience.

Q6. Can I opt for financial aid if I cannot afford the tuition fee? Will opting for financial aid affect the admission decision?
Admission to KITE is need-blind. That means that we do not consider your ability to pay for an education at KITE while deciding whether or not to offer you admission into one of our programs. After securing admission, students will be given financial aid depending on need and availability of funds.

Q7. Where can I find information about the bootcamp/short part time courses being taught at KITE?
KITE’s Professional Development Center (KITE-PDC) currently offers intensive programming courses for recent graduates and young professionals from diverse backgrounds. It also plans to offer other courses necessary for professional development in the near future.

Q8. Do students live on campus?
We can accommodate a limited number of students (up to 40) in the Hacker’s Hostel on a case-by-case basis. Interested candidates will need to submit an application to avail this facility.

Q9. Does KITE have a wait list?
All students passing the KITE entrance test (or forwarding their SAT scores) are added to KITE’S admission list. Top students from this list are selected for admission, based on available seats. The remaining students are placed on a wait list in the same order. In the event that some students are unable to accept our offer, candidates from the wait list are selected in the same order.

Q10. Is an interview required for admission to the undergraduate program?
If you clear the test, you will also be required to give an interview which will help assess your aptitude towards the program of your choice and will prove to be an excellent counseling and career guidance session for you. Our experienced counselors will ensure you are headed in the right direction, both academically and professionally.

Q11. Can I submit my SAT scores instead of appearing for KITE’s admission test? Will that negatively affect the admission decision?
KITE will also be accepting SAT scores for candidates who choose to not appear for the admission test and submit their SAT scores instead. This will not influence the admission decision in any way.

Q12. How is a BBA in Entrepreneurship different from a general BBA?
BBA in Entrepreneurship will not only focus on the general principles of business management but will also ensure that our students are geared towards analyzing the local business environment and have a fair idea of how to start and manage their own start ups. Through their time at KITE, they will be exposed to seasoned entrepreneurs as well as high profile professionals to ensure they build a useful network, develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and graduate as young individuals ready to lead their own companies.

Q13. How much does it cost to study at KITE?
Please visit Fee Structure and Scholarships page for program fee details for the semester.

Q14. What scholarships do you offer? Where can I find out about your financial aid programme?
Financial assistance is based on an assessment of need and merit, as well as on the availability of funds. Selection will be decided on the basis of information provided by the candidate, and the authentication of the information provided.

Q15. Do you accept transfer students? I’ve already completed one year of my degree course, and I would like to switch to KITE. 
KITE will accept eligible transfer students. We would like more students to experience the KITE eco-system which will contribute towards a more meaningful education. The number of credits that will be transferred depends on the degree and the university that the student was previously enrolled in. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Q16. How many students are there in a class at KITE?
KITE is committed to maintaining a reasonable student-teacher ratio. We have put a limit of 35 students in each classroom. In addition, there are rooms that allow flexible placing of modular furniture allowing teachers to teach in more innovative ways to ensure students are equally involved in the learning process. KITE also has a Seminar Hall to allow senior faculty to teach simultaneously to classes of up to 100 students. These are followed by smaller sessions in break out rooms with assistant lecturers and / or teaching assistants.

Q17. What is the institute’s criterion for hiring faculty?
The underlying directive for faculty hiring is to select faculty which is best for the students. Our hand-picked faculty members are foreign qualified and have extensive experience, in academia as well as in industry. We believe that such faculty can impart relevant knowledge along with the necessary experience thereby broadening the horizon of our students. As our list of visiting faculty grows, we will organize seminars and talks with experts to further motivate our students to become better professionals with an inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving.

Q18. How do I contact the University? What is the University’s address and telephone number?
You can call us at +92-21-35092200/01 or visit us at Plot 3 & 3A, Sector 47, Korangi Creek Road, Karachi. For directions please refer to the Location Map. You can also send us an email at info@kite.edu.pk. For ongoing activities and events, please visit our Facebook page

Q19. Can I visit the Institute? When is the university open to the public?
Yes you can visit us anytime between Monday and Friday 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Q20. Are you affiliated with any foreign university?
KITE has an MoU with The University of Texas at Austin that ensures joint curriculum development for KITE’s entrepreneurship and other undergraduate programs and provides our students the opportunity to go for summer/exchange programs to UT Austin as well as a possible transfer of credits arrangement. For more details, please visit UT Austin Affiliation

Q21. Will the degrees be given by KITE?

Yes, passing students will be given KITE degrees. KITE is chartered by the Government of Sindh and can issue their own degrees.

Q22. What are the job opportunities once we get our degree?
KITE started with keeping job placement as its top priority. The sponsors of KITE have, therefore, focused on creating industry liaisons for summer internships. The Placement Office at KITE is responsible for these internships, including the task of developing a comprehensive plan to ensure its students gain maximum benefit during that time. The faculty is involved in the feedback from the partnering organizations, and encouraged to fine tune their curriculum to meet the needs of the industry. Our students will be better prepared for the interviews through their knowledge as well as the attitude that they have towards professional life.