KITE – OSLO Startup Challenge

KITE-OSLO Startup Challenge is a startup competition for entrepreneurs who are willing to accelerate by getting a chance to be incubated in Oslo for a month, all expenses paid. KOSC offers extensive support from a broad business network, pro-bono development services, meeting potential investors, pitching at the Oslo Innovation Week and showcasing your product to the world.

KITE-Oslo Startup Challenge (KOSC) aims to identify high-impact Pakistani startups that are solving critical problems and will further strength and grow the Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem. KOSC winners will have an unparalleled opportunity to pitch their startups at the Oslo Innovation Week, meet global investors and incubate in STARTUPLAB Norway for one month with all expenses paid.

Held annually, the Oslo Innovation Week is the largest innovation gathering in Europe.

This is a unique partnership between KITE, The City of Oslo, Telenor Norway, Telenor Velocity Pakistan, STARTUPLAB Norway, IKT-Norge and MAK.

KOSC exemplifies our mission to support entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

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If your start-up idea manages to make an impression on our judges, you will be qualified to take it forward in Oslo for a month-long accelerator program at the STARTUP LAB. You will also be pitching at the Oslo Innovation Week and showcasing your product to the world. This is an opportunity for you to experience and learn from the Oslo Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and be a guest for the City of Oslo.

KITE-Oslo Startup Challenge will help entrepreneurs building up on their ideas while receiving all the substantial services required for the startup to accelerate. These include, mentoring from the successful business leaders, business networking opportunities and fundraising opportunity. Apart from all these perks, you get a golden chance to learn from the leaders of the trait, grow with them and gain a valuable experience requisite for your business venture to run successfully.

For more details visit: KITE OSLO Startup Challenge


The individuals/ teams willing to take part in the competition are required to fill in the application form which gives a detailed account of the start-up and inspiration behind it. It should be taken into consideration that the registration form is your first impression before the judges and therefore it should be as relevant and detailed as possible. All the applicants will be required to attend the several training sessions organised by KITE before the real challenge. These sessions will be held on the same day and will deal with the basic presentation skills, marketing research, financial management and public speaking. The sessions will not be very extensive ones as their main purpose is to serve as the warm-up session.

› Round 1 During round 1 of the challenge, the participants will be provided mentorship which is essential for them to further analyse their ideas and make any changes to their pitches if needed. Following that the participants will be required to present their elevator pitches to the panel of judges who will then select the participants for Round 2. It is advised that the participants should do their best as these panel of judges are not only there to judge you and your ideas but they are also potential investors, leaders and experienced entrepreneurs and capitalists.

› Round 2 This is the final round of the competition and will allow the participants to present their ideas in more detail to the panel of judges who will measure the viability of the start-up on the basis of marketing adjustability, scalability of the business venture, the coordination of the team members and their dedication towards their goals and the impact the start-up can have on the society as whole. Each participant or participating team will have 15 minutes to pitch their idea therefore it will be appropriate if the individual/team prepare a 7 minutes’ pitch and leave 8 minutes for the Q/A session by the judges. 3 finalists will then be selected to further present their startup idea in Oslo, Norway and incubate for a month at OSLO STARTUP LAB with all expenses paid.

For more details visit: KITE OSLO Startup Challenge