The Microsat would be a full blown satellite package designed to be launched into near space using
weather balloons.

Date: Spring – Summer 2018
(Saturdays during Spring; Break during CIE Exams; Intense sessions during Summer)

• Duration: 125 hour hands-on workshop   • Age: 12 – 19 years
• Timings: 10 am – 1:30 pm   • Fee: PKR 250,000/- per student
• Certificate: Yes


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  • Program Curriculum

    Our aim is to transform the nation into a developed country, by providing a realistic educational approach and create an innovative & creative minds for the growth of nation and realize the vision of developed nation.The main aim of this workshop is to teach students about satellite designing followed by different subsystems used in satellite. We designed the whole program so that students can start from basics to the high end development of satellite.


    The Microsat would be a full blown satellite package designed to be launched into near space using weather balloons. The performance goal would be to send a small (< 1 kg) platform, equipped with payloads, into near space (70,000 – 100,000 feet altitude) and collect experimental and photogrammetric data before the balloons burst and the package free falls to the ground in a designated location with a recovery chute opening at a precisely programmed altitude near the landing position.

    The platform would carry data, telecommand and video uplinks and downlinks supported with a full host of mission processing and control devices. Students would learn to work in designated teams such as Communications, Mission Control, Launch & Recovery, Experimental payloads, Data Analysis etc., and understand the design fundamentals of communications, tracking, image processing and test and calibration of sensors and payloads in extreme airborne conditions as well as the principles of radio direction finding and beacon location in determining launch and recovery protocols.

  • The fee can be paid either in person at KITE Campus, (Korangi Creek Road, Karachi) or through a bank transfer to:

    Account Title: Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE)
    Account No: 0177370001
    IBAN #: PK06DUIB0000000177370001
    Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd
    Branch: Clifton
    Branch Address: DIBPK, Hassan Chambers, Plot DC-7, Block 7, Clifton Karachi
    Currency: PKR

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