ENTERPRIZE – KITE International Conference on Best Practices in Entrepreneurship – Jan 21, 2014


  • Objectives of the Conference on Best Practices in Entrepreneurship Recent trends in startups and social entrepreneurship ventures have massively affected the business and social development environment in Pakistan. They have created new possibilities and offer immense economic opportunities for investors as well as individuals with innovative ideas. KITE has taken the lead in organizing a conference that will help bring the concerned individuals on one platform, for a healthy and fruitful discussion regarding best practices in entrepreneurship from where young entrepreneurs can learn or make improvements in their current activities.

    The event will commence with an inaugural session where the keynote speaker will be Dr. Roger Stough, founder Director of Center for Entrepreneurship, Associate Dean for Research and University Professor, at George Mason University, USA. He is also the author of half a dozen books on entrepreneurship including a recent book on “Entrepreneurship in China”. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of Planning & Development, Government of Pakistan has consented to be the Chief Guest.

    The conference will have three main sessions: the first session will focus on Entrepreneurship Startups and will be an engaging session regarding best business practices and how the current business environment in Pakistan facilitates the setting up of small startups that could help generate employment. The session will help in issues related to creating more entrepreneurs who will be willing to take risks and work on innovative and new ideas.

    The second session will focus on Social Entrepreneurship, a new and exciting area for young entrepreneurs. Such individuals can start and manage small not-for-profit enterprises and generate employment opportunities in their area of expertise, which will also benefit the society. Our youth is our most valuable asset and investing in them for training would help increase the value of our assets. Being a developing country, Pakistan still has a long way to go in providing training to youth and enhancing their potential. Besides, very little research is being conducted on entrepreneurship. Many social and anthropological aspects have yet to be covered and relevant research needs to be conducted which will be discussed in the third session on Entrepreneurship Training Programs and Research Opportunities in Pakistan.

    In the concluding session, panelists will discuss The Way Forward which will provide insights into how we could overcome any hurdles for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Being the first conference of its kind in Pakistan, it will provide an opportunity to young educated people to know the concept of entrepreneurship. In turn, they could consider either investing their time in setting up their own startups or joining a group to start a new business or establishing social enterprises. Thus, this conference would help promote a culture of entrepreneurship in a country which has a substantially high percentage of young population on the one hand, and is burdened with a youth unemployment rate of about 30%, on the other. It would also encourage the youth of our country to come forward and explore existing opportunities and use their knowledge to start their own business or social enterprise, which will help them as well as benefit the society.

    The conference is open to all those who want to see themselves as the future business and social leaders and help the country develop through entrepreneurship.
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  • Hotel Sheraton/ Mövenpick, Karachi.

    Queries please contact: (021) 3509 2200