KITE believes in a conduct compliant with all social norms. In this regard, we have outlined certain policies that are to be kept in mind during your time at KITE. Each policy is of great importance in building the character of our students, disciplining them to follow rules and policies, and also in standardizing the quality of education, which should not be compromised at any cost.

Please make sure you follow these rules, and do ask for explanations where you feel uncertain.

KITE – Code of Conduct

  1.  Academic Honesty
    1. Plagiarism & Academic Misconduct

      At KITE we appreciate originality and creativity, thus encouraging our students to submit their own work.

      Plagiarism of any work, idea, assignment, words, images or data is prohibited. When a student submits academic work that includes another student or person’s words, ideas, images, or data, whether published or unpublished, the source of that information should be acknowledged. Accurate references need to be provided with correct notations and citations.

      Academic misconduct is the act of disruption in the educational process, giving an upper hand to one student over another. Academic misconduct includes:

      • Changing, altering, attempting to change or alter or assisting others in changing or altering academic record, or any grades;
      • Gaining unauthorized access to the university building, premises and accessing any computer file, or any other university record, storage, to collect answers or solutions for an academic exercise; Circulating and distributing notes or any other class material on the Internet or on Social Media (Online) or Offline.
      • Excessive tardiness, not meeting deadlines set by the instructors, the university staff, or any university-authorized individual;
        Using under handed means, including but not limited to bribery, intimidation or nepotism, to obtain any unfair leverage over others;
      • Failing to hold uphold standards of professional and courteous behavior.
    2. Fabrication

      Information of any sort must not and should not be falsely invented. Fabrication includes:

      • False citation or acknowledgment of direct or secondary source, including incorrect documentation of a source;
      • Listing of references or creating a bibliography, of sources that were not originally used to prepare any sort of academic work;
      • Inventing fictitious data; Camouflaging or alteration of data;
      • Unauthorized submission of academic work prepared by other.
    3. Cheating
      • Allowing another person to copy your own academic work intentionally or casually or vice versa will not be allowed. Students can work in groups outside classroom hours, but have to specify their contributions when submitting both individual and group assignments.
      • Asking another person or company to complete your academic work for you is unacceptable.
      • The unauthorized usage of electronic gadgets e.g. PDAs, Smart phones, Mobile phones, iPads etc. to access or share information during examination or quizzes is also prohibited.
  2. Dress Code
    1. Strictly no chappals allowed. Back strap sandals at the least, shoes, joggers, converse etc. are allowed.
    2. Smart Casual dressing, Jeans, T-Shirts, or dress pants.
    3. Shalwar Kameez is allowed only on Fridays.
    4. Shorts and Bermudas are strictly not allowed.
    5. During a formal class presentation or seminar/ lecture series, smart formal dressing is accepted.
    6. Keep tidy hairstyle, and a tidy and clean appearance.
  3. Explicitly Prohibited Behavior
    1. No use or carrying of any weapons, dangerous instruments, explosive chemicals, devices on campus.
    2. Stealing or possessing lost or misplaced items, especially from the labs or classrooms, would result in a disciplinary hearing and other penalties thereafter.
    3. Permitting entry of guests or members of non-KITE student/political bodies on campus without prior permission.
    4. Damaging any property, furniture, or equipment of KITE Institute on campus.
    5. KITE Institute will not tolerate any sort of sexual harassment or teasing of another student/staff member on-campus or off-campus. Violation will be adjudicated by KITE, and may lead to a disciplinary disclosure to the concerned authorities.
    6. No usage/exchange/sale of alcohol or any sort of drugs is allowed on campus.
      Students shall not assist anyone else in committing or attempting to commit a violation of any code of conduct.
    7. Students shall not impair, interfere or obstruct orderly conduct and/or the process flow of the classroom.
    8. Committing or threatening to commit an act of violence against self or others. Any reckless behavior should be avoided. KITE encourages a friendly and a homely environment.
    9. Threatening the health, safety or welfare of another student in campus or off campus will be considered as violating KITE’s code of conduct and ethics.
    10. Invading other student’s faculty or staff members’ privacy.
    11. Interfering with the rights of other students, till the management and staff does not ask for it
    12. Instigating, participating in or otherwise encouraging others to engage in a fight, riot or other disruption.
    13. Adhering to college timings is compulsory. Any 3 late entries will lead to an absent. In order to pass a subject, each student has to maintain a minimum attendance in each course. If failed to comply it would result in receiving Grade ‘F’ in the particular course. Students are advised to not have more than six absences in a course in order to maintain a minimum class attendance percentage.

Please comply with the Code of Conduct set by KITE by signing and acknowledging the Affidavit.