3D Printing & Prototyping Summer Camp offered by KITE (Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship) is a hands-on Research, Design, and Development workshop that aims to train students to build a 3D Printer, get quick fluency in 3D CAD modeling, learn rapid-prototyping with various state-of-the-art 3D Printing techniques using latest slicing softwares and gain strong experience of operating and troubleshooting 3D Printers.

Dates: July 17th – August 3rd 2017

• Duration: 36 hour hands-on workshop   • Age: 14 – 25 years
• Timings: 2 pm – 5 pm | Mon-Tue-Wed   • Fee: PKR 15,000/- per student (PKR 5,000/- for KITE students)

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Register for the Summer Camp (for KITE students)

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  • 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping:

    Starting from an overview about 3D Printing and its applications, students will work in teams on ROBOTEK i3 3D Printer assembling it from scratch as they learn about the components and their functions. Once the structure is assembled and all electronics are installed, students will start working on the software side to understand multiple techniques on how an object is sliced and programmed to be 3D printed in layers.

    Students will be provided with the necessary 3D CAD training that will enable them to design their own 3D objects, among which, they will be allowed to 3D print and take selected objects home.

    Certificates will be provided by KITE upon completion of the 36 hour rigorous hands-on workshop.

    Program Curriculum:

    Week 1: Research, Construction and Installation

    Students will learn about the concept and applications of Rapid Prototyping via a detailed 3D printing overview and exploring recent developments and its future scope. Types of 3D Printers will be discussed, their types and functionalities and how they differ. During construction of the 3D Printer, students will familiarize themselves with the primary components such as microcontrollers, stepper motors, extruder, heater, temperature sensor and understand the physical variables of 3D Printing such as nozzle (diameter), build volume, belt sizes and tension, and types and diameter of filament. After building the structure, students will install and connect all electronic components together and learn about systems such as stepper motor drivers and temperature control systems (for heater and heat-bed).

    Week 2: Test Run, Explore and Troubleshooting

    This week will start with the installation and set-up of software and drivers. The concept of 3D-CAD to STL and GCode commands will be explained in this week before the test run ahead. The first test run of the 3D Printer will be done by printing a simple 1cm3 cube. Accuracies and quality will be assessed. Calibrations will be made (if required). 3D Printing Software configuration and settings will be explained and demonstrated in this week such as shells, layer height, in-fill, fill pattern, raft, bridge supports. Finally, students will be brainstorming for the best speed vs. quality ratios for printing different objects, and exploring techniques to get the best resolution and strength of the 3D printed objects.

    Week 3: 3D Design, 3D Print and Innovate

    In the final week students will be trained on 3D CAD modeling using Sketchup, 2D drafting, measurements, push-pull (extrusion) for 3D, Axes, parallel and perspective views such as primary tools to create basic shapes with curves and extrusion. Students will learn techniques to create CAD objects that are 3D-print friendly. After the rigorous 3D CAD session, each student will design their own customized 3D object, which they will 3D print and take home as souvenirs.

  • The fee can be paid either in person at KITE Campus, (Korangi Creek Road, Karachi) or through a bank transfer to:

    Account Title: Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE)
    Account No: 0177370001
    IBAN #: PK06DUIB0000000177370001
    Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd
    Branch: Clifton
    Branch Address: DIBPK, Hassan Chambers, Plot DC-7, Block 7, Clifton Karachi
    Currency: PKR

    If you choose to pay through bank transfer, you will need to email a scanned copy of the deposit slip to summer@kite.edu.pk.

    In case you are unable to do either, you can request a pickup of the fee through our rider. Please note that the rider will accept only the full amount and will return you a receipt of the transaction as well.